Hey everyone, we hope all is well with you.


There was a lot happening with the Club this month, We had elections, a hurricane, and community service outreach.


In case you missed our Facebook and Instagram post, here are your Officers and Board members for 2023-2024.

President, Jerry Bridges

Vice President, Shawn Rothrock

Treasure, Steve Boser

Secretary, Dana Weihrauch

Board Members : Buddy Maye, Nathan Howell, Brian Krug, David Gill, Tonya Skinner, Dave Markett, Steve Woodall, Randy Woodall and Morrison Pryor.  ( lifetime Board members, Randy Dowd and Danny Brantley)

Each of our elected officials have a passion and devotion to the club and our mission of protecting our rights as Sportsman to keep our waterways navigable.  Congratulations !


Hurricane Idalia devastated the Big Bend area. Less than 24 hours of the storms passing,  KRVSA partnering with The Freedom Tour, provided pallets of water, Gatorade, paper goods, bleach, and other items to the people in that area.  Thank you to our members who took part in in this effort to drive up and deliver these much-needed items.


The club also reached out to The Russell Home for Atypical Children after seeing a Facebook post about needing supplies.  The Board and Leadership Team made quick work with getting the word out and almost $6000.00 was raised to purchase the items needed to re-supply the depleting pantry.


Save the Glen – many of you may not be aware but, government agencies are pushing hard to close Glen Springs and  Weeki Wachee.

They are pushing to close off access to all motorized vessels along with no mooring/beaching and/or anchoring allowed inside the entire area of the springs and spring run..  This is serious folks and the KRVSA is on board with other non-profit organizations to protect our rights to keep water ways navigable.  If you are able, please visit the clubs Facebook page and take the survey – just click the link, take the survey, our voice needs to be heard !

Here is the link for those who may not have social media :


Announcement to be made about upcoming event for 2024 !!

Dates have been set for the Christmas Party December 9 and the KCOL Lake Clean Up, Jan 13, 2024.

Please stay connected to our social media pages for more information.


Our October club meeting is Tuesday Oct 3, 2023 at Beef O’Brady’s on S. Florida Ave, in Lakeland.   Eat at 6  and Meeting at 7


Thank you –

KRVSA Leadership